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My name is Anna, I am a certified nutritionist, healthy eating trainer, FOOD COACH, as well as the head of the center "Your Nutritionist"

Unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, weight problems and depression were all part of my life. And it seemed to me that it was impossible to break the vicious circle ...

It all started with a great desire to improve the quality of life! I did it. After all, the results depend on each of us.

Today I have a team of professionals who are close to me in spirit and values and whom I trust completely.

We grow and develop together and can help you:

● find the true cause of weight disorders, cope with barriers that prevent the achievement of the goal;

● develop an individual weight management plan that will bring sustainable and long-term results, without stress and breakdowns.

● develop new eating habits so that you can easily maintain your weight later on after the end of the program.

Anna Mokhonko • Dietary Center "Your Dietologist"

Anna Mokhonko


Julia Gagina

Julia Gagina


Our goal is your health! With the help of an integrated approach, we guarantee the normalization of weight.

We strive to teach our clients to treat their body, its needs with respect and understanding, to love and accept themselves, to live in joy and harmony with themselves and the world!

Our company works offline in Ukraine and online around the world (SKYPE sessions and personal support). The geography of the center's clients is growing day by day: Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Italy, Russia, Norway and the sky is the limit.

Over 2000 successful individual results


Get considerate about your health with us.

You need to change your lifestyle in general. Do not torture yourself with diets. However, here is my story.

Adolescence, besides growing up, brought me many surprises for which I was not ready. At 14, I gained weight dramatically over the summer holidays. In addition, my height has always been greater than the height of my peers. My appearance did not suit me and caused a categorical rejection. The number of complexes grew day by day.

To lose weight, I practically stopped eating. Kilograms went very quickly. Minus 10 in a month! But do you think this is normal for a teenager's body? Of course not! I developed serious health problems, including hospitalization with a diagnosis of anemia.

In the 90s, during the times of total deficit, everyone ate approximately the same products and did not think about the correct, balanced diet. We had absolutely no idea who nutritionists were. And if anyone knew, they believed that serious health problems should be the reason for contacting such a specialist. But not the desire to have a beautiful and fit body, which I always dreamed of.

About us • Diet Center "Vash Dietologist"
About us • Diet Center "Vash Dietologist"
About us • Diet Center "Vash Dietologist"
About us • Diet Center "Vash Dietologist"

In 2014, after reading the book “Act” by Yitzhak Pintosevich, I felt inner readiness to implement business ideas that I had been hatching for a long time. I had long wanted to open a clothing store for tall people or a nutrition center. My friend agreed to set up a joint venture together. Of the two options, we chose dietetics. This is how Your Nutritionist Medical Center appeared.

Later, we divided the business and I continued working alone. It was one of the most difficult times in my life. But it made me stronger and more confident!

I registered a trademark, studied with the best teachers in this field. I consulted people myself and yet did not stop being consulted by guru nutritionists to increase my professionalism. Thousands of happy faces, healthy smiles and fit figures are the result of putting my knowledge into practice.

I believe that genetics is just an excuse for your inaction, and it is better to replace uncertainty and fear of failure with love and gratitude to yourself and your body. Start with a desire to improve the quality of your life. After you change your lifestyle, you will love your body!