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Inspirational communication, valuable, accessible practices and recipes, professional help and support. No chemicals and magic pills, only a healthy and balanced diet!

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About the dietology center "Your Nutritionist"

My name is Anna, I am a certified nutritionist, healthy eating trainer, FOOD COACH, as well as the head of the "Your Nutritionist" center.

We grow and develop together and can help you:

find the true cause of weight disorders, cope with barriers that interfere with the achievement of the goal;

develop an individual plan for weight normalization, which will bring sustainable and long-term results, without stress and breakdowns.

develop new eating habits so that you can easily maintain your weight later on at the end of the program.

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"Your Dietitian" is a specialized center of expert level and coordinated medical care

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Customer Success Stories

Home • Dietary Center "Your Nutritionist"

Elena (116 - 86 kg)

Yes it is possible! Proven by our charming and humble client Elena!
Home • Dietary Center "Your Nutritionist"

Dmitry (162 - 118 kg)

With the help of a qualified nutritionist Anna, more than 40 kg were dropped from 11/03/2018 to 04/13/2019.
Home • Dietary Center "Your Nutritionist"

Alexander (105 - 82.9 kg)

I lost a little weight without any special efforts. As you can see, I ate tasty and satisfying.

WE are against "Templates"
WE ARE FOR an individual approach to everyone

Only proven working technicians

Inspirational communication, valuable, accessible practices and recipes, professional help and support.
No chemicals and magic pills, only a healthy and balanced diet!

Anna Mokhonko • Dietary Center "Your Dietologist"

Anna Mokhonko


Julia Gagina

Julia Gagina


Customer Reviews

Elena Pivarovich Poltava

Thank you for your kind attitude, professionalism, indifference and participation. Anna you help me lose weight, change my lifestyle and thoughts. Thank you very much!

Anna Demyanenko Poltava

Several years ago I contacted your center. Has completely changed its food system. Thanks to all the staff of the center "Your Dietologist" for their work, knowledge and support.

Tatiana Poltava

Dyakuyu, your pidhid should be more fitting for me, listen to the skin. I have prepared the іnshі menu, then the calls are not the ones that are not available, the recipes are not relevant, but you have everything super. Successful and more successful clientele.

Nadezhda Doroshenko Poltava

Many thanks to the team "Your Dietologist" for the fact that you are in our life !!! For your work, for your attention to people, for your kindness and sincere desire to help people !!!

Victoria Moscow city

I am very grateful to you for all the information and its systematization! I want to inculcate the knowledge you have passed on to life. I drink water. I try to include vegetables as much as possible.

Alexander Miami

I lost weight without any special effort. I ate tasty and satisfying. The recipe is simple: Follow the individually designed menu and recommendations of Anna's excellent nutritionist and eat what a caring wife has prepared. Thank you!

Natalia Priyma Kotelva

Cool result. Anya, you are a professional of your help. Pratsyuvati you alone are pleased.

Natalia Moscow city

Thank you so much for the information! And a huge thank you for the motivation and your concern. I have had experience with two nutritionists, and I can confidently say: YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL!

Maria Poltava

I would like to thank the Vash Dietitian team for your work. Thank you for helping me learn to eat right, for your support and warm welcome. I would like to wish you the best!