Gestalt Therapy. If:

Working with a qualified professional will help you:

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The tasks with which the psychologist works:

Our technique is gestalt therapy!

The specialist draws your attention inward. It gives you the opportunity to get a holistic view of your body, to adjust its work, taking into account individual characteristics.

Incomplete situations in the past distort the perception of the present moment and limit freedom of action.

The psychologist seeks to focus your attention on what is happening "here and now."

Right now you are feeling, living, thinking about something.

Focusing on these processes helps to discover problems that have not been resolved in the past - which are unfinished gestalts.

Without working through these situations, it is difficult to gain a holistic perception, acceptance of oneself and the present moment.

Gestalt therapist helps:

  • develop awareness and the ability to live in the real moment, to feel it
  • NOT TO run away into dreaming about the future or thinking about the past

Tasks that the psychologist does NOT work with:

  • addiction (drug, alcohol, game)
  • mental disorders
  • do not prescribe medication

Session with a psychologist

(50 minutes)

700 hrn.